What Are Inside & Outside Edges?

May 21, 2023

If you're just starting out on your figure skating journey, the idea of having edges can be really confusing. What are they used for? Which edge is which? How do I practice them? Lot's of questions that can sometimes get drowned out by bigger concerns, like not crashing in the middle in front of everyone!  

So in this lesson we wanted to go over both inside and outside edges, forwards and backwards, to show you how simple they are to understand and the different ways you can practice them on the barrier (boards) and then out in the middle of the rink.  

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- How to tell inside and outside edges apart 
- Feeling those edges and how they can be practiced 
- The main goals to focus on when practicing these edges  

Happy Skating!  
- Mitch & Stace

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