Steps To Learn A Double Lutz Jump - Off The Ice | Figure Skating

Jan 29, 2024

Want to start learning the lutz jump, but have no idea where to start? The answer is off the ice. Learning a lutz jump off the ice is much simpler when compared to starting on the ice. You don't have to worry about other skaters, the edges you should have or that scary speed! The focus is all on body positions and movements. That's it.  

In this lesson, we'll guide you through the steps to learn the lutz jump, starting from the basics and progressing to a double lutz off the ice. We'll cover body positions, correct and incorrect movements, and help you put it all together to make it feel natural.  

When you're ready to start working on that lutz at home or the ice rink check this lesson out!

In this lesson you'll learn: 

- The steps to learn a lutz jump off the ice 
- The mistakes to avoid when learning the lutz 
- How to add more rotations to your lutz jump  

Happy Skating!   

- Mitch & Stacey

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