Simple Steps To Learn A Backward Outside Bracket

Jun 18, 2023

So you mastered 3-turns, rockers are a breeze and you’re starting to get the hang of forward brackets. But you know that as much as you want to hide from it, that backwards outside bracket is waiting for you to give it a go! Done on a circle like a back outside 3-turn and with exactly the same edges, the only difference is a back outside bracket turns in the opposite direction. It may sound simple, however when you start to connect the dots, you realise it might be a little more scary than you orignally thought!  
How do you start learining it safely then? Well never fear, because in this lesson we have broken down learning the backward outside bracket into some really simple and easy to follow along steps. This lesson is great for skaters who have never done this bracket before, or are looking for a fresher. Whether you find them super easy or not, we’ll help you build up that confidence and then by the end, show you some amazing examples of where you can use them in your next program!  
In this lesson you'll learn:  
- What a backward outside bracket looks like 
- 4 simple steps to start learning the backward outside bracket safely 
- An exercise to help you practice & fun examples where you can put this new turn in your program  
Happy Skating!  
- Mitch & Stacey

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