Learning A Figure Skating Step Sequence In 3 Parts

Apr 16, 2023

 One of the most thrilling and enjoyable parts of being a good figure skater is putting all those difficult steps and turns together to create a fun and entertaining step sequence. However, finding the right balance of steps and turns that flows across the ice can be quite difficult. You aren't sure where to start and it can become far more confusing than it needs to be!  

But fear not, because in today's lesson we have made a really fun step sequence that you can go ahead and learn in your very next practice session. While we didn't follow the rules set by ISU for step sequences (so it's definitely not made for a competition), it is still a great step sequence to go ahead and build up your skating skills. If you think this lesson is too difficult for where your abilities are currently at, start by trying to connect one or two steps. Slowly but surely start building up those skating skills for long term success!  

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- A straight line step sequence from one end of the ice to the other 
- How to connect simple steps and turns that you use in every day practices 
- Using choreographed arms to add even more uniqueness to the step sequence  

Happy Skating!  

- Mitch & Stacey

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