How To Take Control Of Your Turns | Figure Skating

May 13, 2024

Are you the type of skater who knows how to do 3-turns, but still struggles to control the extra spin/whip? You know it’s super important and you want to gain more control, you're just not sure where to begin fixing it. Well the great news is that you can start to rein in those out of control 3-turns in ONE session!  

In this week’s lesson we're going to break down a forward outside 3-turn and show you exactly how to gain more control after the turn. We’ll show you the mistake most skaters make, plus the 4 body parts that will help change your 3-turn (plus other turns) instantly.   

So if you're ready to fix your turns and feel the benefit in your jumps and spins this lesson is exactly what you need!  

In this lesson you'll learn: 

- The difference between a “Good” turn & “Bad” turn 
- The different body parts that can help you control your 3-turns 
- How better turns can help to make better jumps and spins

Happy Skating!

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