How To Start Learning A Salchow As A Beginner | Figure Skating

Jun 10, 2024

The Salchow is regarded as one of the easier jumps in figure skating. A backward edge take-off, jumping from one foot to the other with a single, double, triple or quad rotation. They look incredible when done correctly and always get an applause. So if it is really that easy, then why do so many new skaters have trouble with it!   

In this lesson, we have broken down an easy way for any figure skater to start learning the Salchow jump. From starting at the barrier (boards) and getting comfortable understanding the jump, to trying it from low speed, before finally adding speed and confidence to that Salchow jump and watching it fly. So when you’re ready to start learning the basics of the Salchow jump, check out this lesson.  

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- What a Salchow jump is and how to identify it 
- How you can start practicing Salchows even if you can't jump 
- The different entries and takes-offs used for the Salchow jump  

Happy Skating!   

- Mitch & Stace

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