How To Spin Faster On Ice Skates | Figure Skating

Apr 01, 2024

Spinning faster on the ice is a big dream for skaters everywhere!

Not only does it look way more impressive! But the faster spin can help you achieve more rotations with ease. It's also easier to control and isn't as difficult to balance. Why would anyone ever want to spin slow again!!!

In this lesson, we'll teach you some simple changes to make your spins faster RIGHT away. We’ll show you how more power can equal more speed, the secret to using your arms and a few more great tips. So when you're ready to go from slow spins to FAST spins check out this weeks lesson.

In this lesson you'll learn:

- The changes you can make to spin faster 
- Why most skaters struggle to find more speed in their spins 
- How combining all these changes will make your spins stand out  

Happy Skating!

- Mitch & Stace

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