How To Rotate Figure Skating Jumps Faster

Apr 08, 2023

As figure skaters well all dream of having amazing jumps that rotate EXTREMELY fast. These fast rotating jumps then give us the opportunity to begin working on doubles, triples or maybe even quads! But for a lot of skaters (including ourselves once upon a time), learning how to rotate jumps faster seemed almost impossible.  

But fear not, because in this lesson we are going to show you some simple exercises you can practice at home away from the ice rink. These exercises will help you to build the strength, coordination and quickness to start rotating faster and convince you that you will be rotating faster in no time at all!  

In this lesson you'll learn:   

- The simple mechanics of rotations in the air
- 3 exercises that will help your rotations get faster 
- Common mistakes that you want to avoid at all costs   

Happy Skating!  
- Mitch & Stacey

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