How To Get Deeper Edges When Ice Skating | Figure Skating

Apr 15, 2024

Deeper edges or “curves” is a dream for EVERY figure skater. Whether you’re new to the sport or have been skating for a while, the thought of leaning into a curve while having a deep running edge is always exciting! So what is it that holds skaters back from achieving those deep edges?  

In this week’s lesson we’ll show you how ANY skater can begin putting deeper curves into their edges. We’ll show you exactly what to do with each body part, how that translates to deeper edges and how it can help transofrm the look of your skating. So when you are ready to have edges that WOW your friends…check out this lesson!

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- Why deep edges are so valuable for your skating 
- The different body parts that will help you achieve deep edges
- Why leaning is the best way to get deeper curves  

Happy Skating!   

- Mitch & Stace

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