Get Your Legs Program Ready With This Workout

Jun 11, 2023

Do you remember the first time you ever felt your legs burning because you did your program from beginning all the way to the end? You may have felt it at the end of your program, or even worse you felt it half way through and couldn’t find the strength to do your elements! It can be incredibly frustrating knowing that those elements were perfect until your legs started to burn from exhaustion. 

So what is the best way to deal with these burning legs? Start building up that strength and endurance training. Now you can do this on the ice by running program after program, or begin incorporating specific exercises into your off ice routine. In this lesson we’re going to give you the exercises that will help you build up the stamina to make it through your program without falling apart. And before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to those full program run-throughs to show off how strong you have become!
  In this lesson you'll learn:  

- 3 beginner exercises to help figure skaters get through programs 
- A step by step breakdown of the do’s and don’ts when trying the exercises 
- How many you should be doing if you’re just starting out  

Happy Skating!   

- Mitch & Stace

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