Figure Skating Transitions For Your Next Routine

May 28, 2023

Figure skating transitions (the in-between skating from element to element) use to be quite plain and boring. Simple crossovers and pushes to get you from one element to the other. Well in recent years that has definitely changed! Now skaters are looking to use difficult steps and turns to really fill out their program and show off to the audience and judges just how great their skating skills are!

So in this lesson we wanted to give you two different transitions that you can practice and maybe even use in your next program/routine. The first transition will be in-between a jump and a spin, while the second transition will focus on the in-between skating from a spin into a jump. So forget those boring crossovers and pushes, let's turn make those transitions look fabulous!

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- 2 exciting choreographed transitions
- A step by step break down of each that you can follow along with
- Amazing arms that will make the transitions pop even more

Happy Skating!  
- Mitch & Stace

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