Figure Skating | How To Make Beginner Elements Fun To Practice

Jun 25, 2023

If you have just begun figure skating, you have probably started to learn some new exciting elements. While they were probably fun at the start, you are starting to get a little bored skating up and down the ice doing the same things over and over. While it definitely takes time before you can start practicing more difficult elements, there is no reason why you can’t make these beginner elements more fun to practice!  

So in this lesson we show you how to take 3 beginner elements and transform them into something more exciting. No one said that practice had to be boring! Whether it is adding some beautiful, soft arms or maybe some slight edges. Our goal in this lesson is to make practice time way more fun!  

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- 3 beginner elements that all figure skaters learn 
- How to transform each one into something more fun and exciting 
- How you can connect beginner elements and realy challenege yourself!  

Happy Skating!   

- Mitch & Stacey

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