Build Strong Landings With These Exercises | Figure Skating

Jun 03, 2024

Want to know the secret to landing more figure skating jumps? Work on that landing position again and again and again! And the best way to work on those landing positions is by building an incredibly STRONG landing off the ice. If you have a strong landing off the ice, imagine how great it will look on the ice.  

In this lesson we have 3 different landing exercises that you can add to your next off ice training. The exercises target strength, balance and quickness. No matter what level you are currently at, these exercises are guaranteed to help out your landings! So when you're ready check out this lesson.  

In this lesson you'll learn:  

- What makes a strong landing position 
- The 3 exercises that every skater should be doing for landings 
- The mistakes beginner skaters commonly make

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