How To Achieve A Higher Leg In Spirals & Camels (Off-Ice) | Figure Skating

May 21, 2024

Having the most beautiful spiral or camel position is something every skater should aim for. What that looks like can be different for everyone. Some skaters want a strong spiral position, while others prefer a more elegant look. But everyone agrees on one thing: having a high free leg is super important!  

In this week’s lesson, we're off the ice to show you the best exercise that helped us get our high free leg position. We’ll explain where most skaters get stuck, why being flexible isn’t enough, and how this exercise will help you on the ice. So, if you're ready to get your free leg up high, check out this lesson!

 In this lesson you'll learn:  

- The go-to exercise every figure skater should be doing for a higher leg 
- Why flexibility + ________ = easier spirals/camels 
- The mistakes skaters can make when working towards a beautiful position  

Happy Skating!

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